July 22, 2016

ID + IDRA vB Couro 2 Cores

Originally from Minas Gerais, Brazil, a state known for it’s metal production and also the farms and agricultural landscape, the designer Olavo Machado Neto created the IDRA chair and ID stool, recalling his homeland materials and forms.


Based on the traditional shape of the stools found in the farms of Brazil usually made out of wood, interpreted with steel and leather, giving it a touch of modernity and lightness.

2 versions are made, with very different approaches regarding the finishing and use.

The first, to be used indoor, is the one covered in leather, highlighting the craftsmanship and attention to the details.

The second and more surprising of all, is an artistic take, resulting in unique pieces. They were fabricated in Brazil and shipped to Milan, without any treatment to the iron and then, put a layer of transparent coating at arrival, resulting in various different pieces, with the marks of the corrosion that worked the metal on the journey.

The 2 versions can be seen t at the Brazil S/A exhibition at Università Degli Studi di Milano part of the Interni Magazine Show until May 24th, 2015.




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