Build Your Saints

November 6, 2012



Build Your SaintsWhat a fun and modern way to devote your faith.

These componible saints are made from laser cut metal and powder coating, bringing a modern twist to the traditional practice.

Have fun making your own composition and pray for your favorite saints.

Brazil is a very religious (mostly catholic) country. The figure of saints is very present in the everyday life. I have decided to play a little with this devotion by creating a new product. It’s a customizable saint that changing the back costume, changes the character.

Material and process: Sheetmetal Laser Cutting and Automatic Bending, Powder Coating

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Uma linha divertida de santos “montáveis”. Uma forma divertida de apresentar a cultura e devoção brasileiras.

Materiais e processo: Chapa de metal com corte a laser e dobra automática.



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